...I was absorbed by their enthusiasm , commitment and willingness to reach out objectives.
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Helping improve your performance.

Holt solutions deliver equally for the bottom line as they do in improving employee motivation - we don't simply talk about ensuring return on investment - we are doing it every day. This approach has been developed over 20 years in partnership with some of the world's leading organisations.

Strategic approach
We understand that there are no quick fixes, we therefore invest in getting to know you and identifying where you can improve your team and organisation's performance - be it things that we, you or your delegates need to implement. Solutions mean we continue to support you and your team between and long after each interaction.

Business focused
We focus on real work and real solutions. We don't phobia bash, teach delegates to recite classroom theories or encourage group hugs. We help your team discover and overcome disconnects in business performance, supported by consultants that have been there and seen it in the real world.

Accelerated experiential learning
Through integrating experiential learning with more traditional classroom approaches our solutions deliver results in a fraction of the time required to get the job done elsewhere.

Building on strengths
We help individuals and teams discover more effective ways for them to work rather than trying to apply a one size fits all approach. This means that the behaviours continue in the workplace because they are natural extensions of what they were already doing.

Do what it takes
We ask you what you need to change and then help you get there using the most effective tools to get the job done. You will get change that produces clear tangible returns on your investment with us.

The Holt's clients benefit from working with a team of people who are not simply an agency, but rather an extension of their own team, or a thread running through their business. Refusing to adhere to rigid internal structures, The Holt operates with a high level of flexibility that encourages multiple departments to work together. By doing so, we can ensure the right expertise is utilised to develop and maintain effective solutions for our clients.
The Holt operates as a true partner. Many of the programmes that we work on are built upon a foundation of trust and respect that have developed over many repeat projects, over many years. We work as strategic Partners with our clients helping to identify the issues, objectives and solutions to get more from their customers, channels or employees. Part of our commitment to our clients is not just to design the right programme at the start of the project but to continue to work with them to evolve the campaigns with new ideas and innovations to ensure our solutions continuously meet or exceed both the client and their channels expectations.

Comprehensive support
Each of The Holt's clients is assigned a dedicated account team composed of the individuals with the most relevant experience and expertise to work in a particular field, or on a specific project. The core team closely manage the project on a daily basis and liaise with the client to deliver an exceptional level of service.

Account Director :
To direct the account within the agency and provide strategic support and development for the client and the account team.
Account Manager :
To manage the account on a day to day basis and deal with communications, programme development, reporting and analysis.
Account Executives :
To manage data requirements, deal with programme enquires, co-ordinate and update communications and oversee the fulfilment of rewards.
Account Administrators :
To support the Account Team with all administrative duties, hotline management, communication distribution and handling & workbook fulfilment.
Events Manager :
Working closely with the Account Manager to handle all day to day tasks from a travel and event perspective, including supplier relationships, destination and venue selection, logistical management, planning and delivery.